Textual Communities/Canterbury Tales Workshop, February 2016

Faculty of Arts, Erasmushuis, KULeuven, Leuven, Thursday 18 February 2-6 pm

(location: to be advised)

1. Textual Communities 2.0, 2-4 pm

This will be the first public demonstration and trialling of the new version of Textual Communities.  This is a complete rebuild, from the inside out, of the entire TC platform: a new log-in and authentication system (with increased social media facilities), a new interface, and a next-generation back-end database able to handle multiple textual hierarchies. The major aim of the new design is to increase initial ease of use, and participants are invited to try out the new system under the observation of the system's architects.

2.  Canterbury Tales Project, 4-6 pm.

In this meeting, the project leaders (Peter Robinson and Barbara Bordalejo) will review issues relating to the project: details of transcription, a preview of the collation system the project will be using, the transition to Textual Communities 2.0. As well as existing project members based in Europe, anyone interested in joining the project is invited to come to this meeting.


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