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Welcome to the Canterbury Tales Project.  Since its inception in 1992, as a partnership between Norman Blake (University of Sheffield), Peter Robinson (then at the University of Oxford) and Elizabeth Solopova (then, and now, at Oxford), the project has sought to create computer-readable transcripts of the manuscripts and incunable editions of the Canterbury Tales, and to use these as the base for exploration of the textual history of the Tales.  A history of the project is available at http://www.textualcommunities.usask.ca/web/canterbury-tales/wiki/-/wiki/Main/The+history+of+the+Canterbury+Tales+Project.

Following the move of the project base to the University of Saskatchewan in 2010, and with generous funding from the University, the Canada Foundation for Innovation and the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada, we are now able to offer this site as the base for completion of the aims of the project. Here, in time, you will find images of every page of every manuscript and incunable which holds a text of any part of the Tales; transcriptions of these and tools to edit and elaborate the transcript; and many more tools, including collation and analysis.

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