First transcription page (2)

Line 33:

We ignore the dot over the y in all cases (purely decorative)

Line 52:

You transcribe: pheb<am>ȝ</am><ex>us</ex>.  I think this is a capital P -- but the treatment of the abbreviation is perfect

Line 53:

You transcribe: plesa<am>n̄</am><ex>un</ex>ce. Not quite right! see the special treatment of u/n abbreviation in the quick start guide.  This should be plesa<am rend="n̄">ıı̄</am><ex>un</ex>ce (the abbreviation is of two minims with a macron, appearing as n̄).

line 54:

You have: gou<am>̉</am><ex>er</ex>nance.  The first abbreviation is correct, but the macron over n needs different treatment: gou<am>̉</am><ex>er</ex>na<am>n̄</am><ex>un</ex>ce

line 55:

You transcribe: grace.  But there is abbreviation of /ra/ here.  So g<am>ᵃ</am><ex>ra</ex>ce (also enbrace on the next line)

line 56:

quite correctly: you ignore the tail on /it/, as it is attached to the t and therefore decorative. However, you transcribe woot/  instead of woot /. Our practice is always to separate the virgule from the preceding or following word if it is separated and hence punctuation, not decoration.

line 65:

As per our guidelines: the first letter of each line is always a capital (except in a very few manuscripts). So this should be Ȝet


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