First transcription page

line 142

You transcribe as my<am>̄</am><ex>n</ex>.  Well spotted! yes, this very likely is abbreviation of n over y.  Perfect

However: note the space between the two words.  Not my<am>̄</am><ex>n</ex>herte but my<am>̄</am><ex>n</ex> herte

line 144

You have: q<am>ᵈ</am><ex>uod</ex>. Perfect!

line 149

You miss this.  Here is a classic case of the treatment of u/n + macron. The final letter+macron could actually be u+macron (with the u written as a n) abbreviating -un-.  Hence, this transcription:

reputacio<am rend="n̄">ıı̄</am><ex>un</ex>.  Looks bizarre! but see the discussion in this blog. The same is true of comparison, in the next line, and Scorpion/confusion, later on.

line 152

You have: wyff/  However, we separate the mark of punctuation from the preceding letter, so wyff / (see on line 176 below)

line 160

You have: þ<am>̉</am><ex>er</ex>(0309)-Inne.  Almost correct! but we don't need the (0309) -- I've removed that from the quick start page now. And we don't need the modern hyphen.  One cannot be sure whether there are two words or one here: either  þ<am>̉</am><ex>er</ex>Inne or  þ<am>̉</am><ex>er</ex> Inne would be correct.  Similarly the next line: y-slayn should be just y slayn

line 176

here, the tail/virgule is definitely attached to the final t of the preceding word.  In that case, we treat as decoration and ignore.


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