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[ "<text><body>\n\t\t\t<fw place=\"tm\" type=\"pageNum\">\n\t\t\t\t3\n\t\t\t</fw>\n\t<lb/>\t<div n=\"May 24th 1846\">\n\t\t<p n=\"1\">Sunday May 24th\n<lb/>in company with Mr <rs ref=\"#S8318\">Hyman</rs>\n<lb/>went to <rs ref=\"#S8293\">Industry</rs> but found no\n<lb/>one bound west Stayed at <rs ref=\"#S8409\">Graysons</rs></p></div>\n<lb/><div n=\"May 25th 1846\"><p n=\"1\">Monday 25 Left this evening in com\n<lb/>pany of <rs ref=\"#S8409\">Mr Grayson</rs> <rs ref=\"#S8318\">Hyman</rs> <rs ref=\"#S8319\">Leon</rs>\n<lb/>and myself went to the School\n<lb/>house at Mr Adrianco's and camp\n<lb/>ed.</p><p n=\"2\">Monday 25 Left camp and looked\n<lb/>through the German Settlement on\n<lb/>[Campainers?] Creek <del rend=\"overstrike\">beautiful settlement\n<lb/>crops fine</del> this settlement is\n<lb/><del rend=\"overstrike\">beautifully</del> A beautifull situation\n<lb/>rolling black pararies interspersed\n<lb/>with groves of timber from here\n<lb/>to the Colorado river is a high\n<lb/>black jack and post oak gravely\n<lb/>region and of no value whatever.</p>\n<lb/><p n=\"3\">Stopped in <rs ref=\"#S8315\">Columbus</rs> 2 hours and\n<lb/>wrote a letter home. We learn\n<lb/>that the flies are very bad from\n<lb/>here to <rs ref=\"#S8316\">Victoria</rs> went 6 miles\n<lb/>to skull creek and stopped on\n<lb/>account of the flies having to\n<lb/>[build?] fires to smoke them off\n<lb/>[?] the evening went through the\n<lb/>[Post oaks?] 8 miles thence 4 miles\n<lb/>[?] and camped near Acorn\n<lb/>[?]</p></div>\n<lb/><div n=\"May 26th 1846\"><p n=\"1\">[Sunday?] 26 1846\n<lb/>[This?][morning?] at the Navidad we\n\t\t\t\t\t<note resp=\"#U93\" type=\"ed\">\n\t\t\t\t\t\tThe black jack and post oak mentioned are of course the Blackjack Oak, and the Post Oak trees.\n\t\t\t\t\t</note>\n\t\n\t \t</p></div></body></text>" ]